I greci d’occidente

Mondadori - 2016

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The establishment of the Greek colonies in the West was an authentic epic feat that, from the eighth century BC, saw small groups of young men without a future in their homeland, face an unknown sea full of dangers in search of a land where they might build a more prosperous future. This led to the creation of many of the most flourishing centres in the Mediterranean – Taranto, Selinunte, Syracuse, Agrigento, Cyrene -, that were soon animated by intense economic activity and a rich and lively cultural life. In these cities, which became authentic “civic laboratories”, artists, philosophers, scientists, poets, as well as artisans, merchants and warriors emerged who would change the face of the ancient world, contributing to the creation of a technical and intellectual heritage that continues to form the basis of our culture.
In The Western Greeks Valerio Massimo Manfredi, along with Lorenzo Braccesi, gives the reader the opportunity to relive this fascinating adventure, climbing on board one of the old ships and crossing the sea and following the key events of the conquest, the establishment of the first settlements, their development and success, and in some cases, their tragic end.