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Mondadori - 2016

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It’s a sunny day when Armin calls his brother Wulf, to show him a prodigy: the construction of “the road that never ends”. A wonder that leaves them speachless, a technical miracle by the Roman enemies, able to create from nothing a road that crosses bushes, swamps, rivers, and doesn’t deviate even in front of mountains. Suddendly the two ear a noise: it’s a Roman patrol. Armin and Wulf are captured by the soldiers. In their destiny, however, there’s no death or slavery. Because Armin and Wulf are sons of a King. Sigmer, their father, is a noble and terrifying warrior, germanic prince, respected and loved by his tribe. His only weakness is his secret friendship with Drusus, the great enemy, a Roman general, that Sigmer admires and learns to respect. Nevertheless, the two young sons don’t know about this friendship. They have to abandon their native land and their father, to be brought to Rome. They are princes, even if barbarians. They will be educated according to the Empire’s costumes, until they will become commanders of the Germanic ausiliars of the Augustus’ legions. Under the eyes of the inflexible centurion Taurus, Germanic halfblood converted to the love and loyalty for Rome, they will learn a new language, adopt new habits, a new way of thinking. But how can Armin and Wolf, born and raised in the bushes, be enchanted by the Rome’s prodigies? Not only the road, but also the temples, acqueducts, astonishing palaces. The two young men will become Arminius and Flavus the blond, Roman citizens, young warriors, respected by the whole empire, able to conquer the trust of the princeps Augustus himself. But did the call of blood die in their hearts? Does the loyalty to their roots lead them to betray the land that adopted them in favour of the one that gave them birth? Valerio Massimo Manfredi goes back to novels to tell, with perfect historical precision and an epic tone of voice, the inedit and extraordinary story of two brothers, two warriors, whose choices took to Teutoburg for the decisive clash between Romans and Germans, the battle that changed the destiny of the Roman Empire and the entire world.