ALEXANDROS III Il confine del mondo

Mondadori - 1998

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The Macedonian army crossed the Euphrates and the Tigris to reach Babylon. The palace of Persepolis, the most beautiful in the world, is razed to the ground: thus ends the story of an ancient empire and a new era begins.
The most ambitious project, for a world without Greeks or barbarians, but only one country with a single people, now seems within Alexander’s grasp. But glory, honour and wealth also generate envy, fear and resentment. And the mighty king is dragged into a vortex of violence and bloodshed.
After such superhuman effort, and the shock of discovering that he is alone, only love can help him now. And it will be Roxanne, the most beautiful, the enchantress, the queen, who will give Alexander the courage to push on towards the mysterious India and the strength abandon the dream, and to seek, through hardship and privations, the way back.
The Ends of the Earth brings to a close Valerio Massimo Manfredi’s magisterial trilogy on the life of Alexander the Great, one of most extraordinary stories in human history.