ALEXANDROS II Le sabbie di Amon

Mondadori - 1988

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Asia, the legendary cradle of civilisation, under the undisputed control of the Great King of the Persians: no one would even dare to conceive the idea of conquering such a vast empire. But Alexander, with his companions, adored nothing more than the impossible adventure. He defeated the enemy in open battle, taking possession, one by one, of fortresses and ports. He pushed on towards the Anatolian plateau, covered with snow, to face the immense army of King Darius at Issus and broke through the massive deployment. In this way Alexander became the ruler of the greatest empire that has ever existed. But it was not enough. His hunger for conquest drove him to Egypt where the oracle of Ammon revealed that he had divine origin and was destined for immortal glory.
The Sands of Ammon continues the fascinating saga of Alexander the Great, with its captivating fresco of conflicting passions and unforgettable characters.