Il mio nome è Nessuno Il ritorno

Mondadori - 2013

The second book in the series Odysseus, the great nostos or homecoming.
From Circe to the Sirens, from Polyphemus to Penelope, up to the mysterious journey of a hero that has spanned the centuries.

It took ten years of uninterrupted war, blood and suffering to defeat the Trojans. Now Odysseus has to set off again with his men to return to Ithaca. And once again he takes up the fight, his challenge of everything and everyone. Frightening exploits and superhuman trials await him, along with terrifying adversaries, such as Polyphemus, one of the Cyclopes, the lotus eaters, the flower that leads to oblivion, the enchanting sorceress who turns men into swine, Scylla and Charybdis the monsters of the Strait, and the Sirens whose song lures sailors to their death. He must go to the ends of the earth, evoking like a shaman the shadows of the dead from the afterlife, ending up on a mysterious island where a goddess welcomes him and keeps him prisoner in her arms for seven long years… Then, finally, the return. The day of the black sun, the day of vengeance.
After narrating the hero’s formation, Valerio Massimo Manfredi gives a new voice to the most adventurous and fascinating journey of all time, and dares to look towards the horizon on which the greatest poets have meditated over the centuries: the Final Journey. Did the King of Ithaca, son of Laertes, the vagabond hero ever really die?