Mondadori - 2006

Acquista ora

The young director of a provincial museum by chance comes across the trace of the most magnificent lost masterpiece of antiquity.
An experienced soldier under the command of Marcus Atilius Regulus is forced to face a monstrous and invisible enemy.
A Crusader on the road to Roncesvalles sends a knight on a mission that is as mysterious as it is crucial for the survival of Christianity.
A Roman tribune is engaged in an adventurous journey on the mother of roads, the Appian Way, and is unwittingly involved in one of the most intricate mysteries of the Roman Republic.
Another Rome, at the dawn of the new millennium, has to deal with an anguishing painful and dramatic situation.
These are themes that launch these stories by Valerio Massimo Manfredi.
With his extensive knowledge of the past and his unique talent as a storyteller, Valerio Massimo Manfredi recreates around his characters all the charm, colour and atmosphere of periods that are only apparently far from us, and moves with equal ease and narrative intensity in the near future and in the more distant past, whether medieval Spain, the shores of Africa during the Punic War or the disturbing Rome of the third millennium.