L’ultima legione

Mondadori - 2002

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AD 476. In the plain between Pavia and Piacenza, a blanket of fog covers the countryside like a shroud. Suddenly a horde of barbarian horsemen emerges from the mist and attacks the camp of Legio Nova Invicta, the legendary Roman bastion defending the thirteen-year-old Romulus Augustus, the last Roman emperor of the West.
All is lost: Odoacer, the Germanic general of the barbarian militia, has the imperial family exterminated at the hands of the bloodthirsty Wulfila, deposes Romulus Augustus and confines him to the island of Capri.
The final curtain is brought down on the civilisation of Rome. But not everyone is dead. From the field of the massacre a handful of seemingly immortal legionnaires rises up. Their desperate mission is to free Romulus Augustus. Thus begins a manhunt with no holds barred…